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Guice Associates is the contracting entity for a consortium of expert consultants in air traffic control automation. We have an established, long-term relationship with providers of ATC automation services within the United States and internationally.  Current contracts are in place with the FAA in the United States and the parallel organization in Taiwan and the United Kingdom.  Relationships with these air traffic control organizations have established us as a provider of choice for the acquisition and maintenance of high-quality air traffic automation systems and their support throughout the entire operational lifecycle from inception through operational deployment and maintenance.


Guice Associates draws on a pool of high-level expertise in all aspects of Air Traffic Control (ATC) Systems.  As a collective, we have supported many successful ATC programs.  Individually, the consultants that represent our technical core have participated in the majority of FAA En Route and Oceanic programs completed during the past 20 years.  Most recently, we completed an upgrade of the NAS Monitor for National Air Traffic Services, Ltd in the United Kingdom comprising the integration of nearly a quarter of a million lines of code into the UK version of the NAS Monitor.  This effort culminated in the cutover into operation of NAS version NA2902 on 19 May, 2005 which transitioned the operational software system from the IBM System/370 architecture to IBM ESA/390.  The intent of this project was to remove obstacles to sustainment of the current software system until its scheduled replacement in 2012.   We are also actively involved in the specification and development of the FAA's next-generation ATC system in a support role to the prime contractor - Lockheed-Martin.  Past successes include the development of the NAS Monitor support for the Enroute Communications Gateway (ECG), the Host and Oceanic Computer System Replacement (HOCSR) and the Display Channel Replacement Processor (DCRP) subsystem of the Display Channel Complex Replacement (DCCR) program.

Guice Associates is an acknowledged expert in ATC system design, software development, and software maintenance, specializing in the NAS Monitor (a highly sophisticated, embedded IBM large-systems operating system designed to support command and control systems).  Other recognized expertise lies in the area of the ATC application programs and the tool chain required for building, deploying, analyzing, and troubleshooting the operational software system.  We are consistently recognized as an authority in the architecture of this Host Support Software.  Because of our familiarity with the operational and support systems, we are frequently consulted as subject matter experts for the development of the training programs necessary for a successful deployment.  Our collective experience in this area and our familiarity with the operational environment into which these automation systems are deployed has expanded the scope of our involvement in the training process into the areas of courseware design and development.

While our core expertise lies in the development of large-scale software systems for ATC automation, we also possess significant skills in the area of system architecture and specification.  Guice Associates has been recognized as a key contributor to the evolution of the ATC systems in the FAA inventory.  The application of this unique expertise in the system engineering area was critical to the overall success of the DCCR and HOCSR programs.  We served as overall system architect in DCCR as well as providing key technical expertise in the selection of hardware and commercial software for the HOCSR program.

As a group, Guice Associates embodies more than 350 years of experience in ATC systems with more than half of this experience base in the support and enhancement of the NAS Monitor.  We provide expert software and systems skills spanning the entire system-development lifecycle.  This includes all aspects of system development from system specification and design through development, integration, test, and training to configuration management and documentation.  In addition to developing software solutions, we provide expert support for the analysis and rapid resolution of software problems relating to the NAS Monitor and ATC Applications programs.

Our involvement in operational enhancements to the ATC systems has required us to provide design and development support for subsystems peripheral to the primary ATC environment.  This has required us to develop expertise in other operating environments such as IBM’s AIX and OS/2 operating systems using commercially available tools such as the “C” and Ada languages and technologies such as commercial networks.  In short, our organization makes use of the best level of available technology appropriate to the problem being solved without predetermined assumptions based on prior experience.

Guice Associates’ expertise includes all areas of the NAS Monitor, the Radar Data Acquisition and Tracking programs, Display Channel Outputs, Flight Data Processing, the NAS COMPOOL, NAS Adaptation, all Host Support Software and extensive experience with the NAS Interface (NIF) subsystem that provides support for the Display System Replacement (DSR).  Our personnel have significant direct, hands-on experience with the Host Sustainment Central Support Team and with the FAA field support and development organization for the En Route and Oceanic systems.  In fact, when critical ATC problems occur in the field, Guice Associates is frequently the provider of choice for rapid problem analysis and resolution (typically in less than 24 hours, when required).



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